All prices shown in Czech Crowns. Visitors from outside the Czech Republic and customers with special requirements are welcome to Contact Us for more information.



Standard - 100 Kč

Express - 120 Kč

Super Express - 150 Kč

Proofreading of our translations - 50 Kč

All prices are per standard page (250 words)**



Standard (inc. proofreading) - 400 Kč (Specialized/Technical)

                                              - 350 Kč (General)

Express/Super Express        - Prices on request


All prices are per standard page (250 words)**

An explanation of our services:
Standard service is completed in a maximum of 7 days.*
Express service is completed in a maximum of 4 days.* 
Super Express is for customers with urgent work and can be ready in under 48 hours.*
*Note: For translations these deadlines depend on text length and complexity.
**Note: Discounts and other benefits available for large jobs and repeat customers 

“Working with Mat is very easy. I appreciate his helpfulness and flexibility. His proofreading is precise and we never have to wait long for it, which is often crucial in the last stages of article preparation. Since he started editing our scientific articles, we have never had any criticism of the language during revision.

RNDr. Jitka Malčíková, PhD